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How it Works Below

How it works:


One Click Snap A Pic

Local SEO With A Camera Phone

Step 1 Capture the Job/Event

  • Action: Take a picture of the completed job or event on your mobile phone using the provided app.
  • Details: This can include any service provided, prospecting calls, or unique situations that highlight the business’s capabilities. Home service providers can capture images of their work, while medical service providers can take before-and-after photos (with patient consent). 


Step 2 Input Details:

  • Action: Dictate a few comments into the app about the job/event.
  • Details: Include the location, service provided, and any unique aspects of the job. This information is input directly through a mobile app, which can be used by all employees in the field.

Step 3 Automated Content Creation:

  • Action: Press a button to send the information to the AI.
  • Details: The AI uses this information to generate a comprehensive case study article. This article includes relevant keywords and geo-tags to ensure it ranks highly in local searches. The AI tailors the content to the specific job/event, making it relevant and engaging for potential customers.

Granular Explanation:

For sensitive industries like healthcare or legal services, additional guardrails are in place. Content is not automatically posted until the provider signs off, ensuring compliance with regulations like HIPAA and obtaining necessary patient or client consent.

Automated Posting Social Media, Google And Your Site

Step 1 Integration with Platforms:

  • Action: The AI connects with your Google Business Profile, website, and social media platforms.
  • Details: Supported platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The platform continuously expands to include more integrations based on business needs.


Step 2 Content Distribution:

  • Action: The AI automatically posts the generated content across all connected platforms.
  • Details: Businesses can choose to manually review and edit content before it is posted. The AI also allows for scheduling posts manually if preferred.

Granular Explanation:

This process ensures that your business maintains an active online presence without manual effort. The consistent posting of relevant content helps improve your search rankings and keeps your audience engaged. The AI optimizes each post for the specific platform, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.


Sit Back And Relax


Become Local Everywhere

Local SEO Visibility Expansion

Step 1 GeoPin Placement:

  • Action: The AI places GeoPins at the job/event location.
  • Details: Locations can be customized by the user to reflect where the service was provided or where the client is located, enhancing the relevance of the GeoPin.


Step 2 Input Details:

  • Action: The AI optimizes the content with location and industry specific keywords.
  • Details: Users can input preferred keywords or rely on the AI’s recommendations for the best results.

Granular Explanation:

GeoPins extend your business's local presence, making it appear in search results far beyond your physical location. This significantly increases your reach and visibility, attracting more potential customers from a wider area. For example, W3 Electric experienced a 50% increase in total leads and appointments after integrating Local Everywhere's GeoPin technology​​.

Your 24/7 Customer Service Rep

Step 1 Engage Visitors

  • Action: The AI interacts with website visitors, answering questions and providing information.
  • Details: The AI can handle a wide range of inquiries, from general questions to setting up appointments, drawing on comprehensive data about the business. 

Step 2 Lead Conversion:

  • Action: The AI identifies potential leads and sets up appointments.
  • Details: The AI uses advanced algorithms to determine the best time to convert a visitor into a lead, ensuring high conversion rates.

Granular Explanation:

The Local Everywhere AI provides immediate and personalized responses to visitor inquiries, enhancing the user experience and increasing the likelihood of conversion. For instance, Armstrong Air and Electric saw a 160% increase in ROI due to improved customer engagement and operational efficiency​​.


Dedicated New Staff Member at No Cost


Review Management

More Reviews The Easy Way

Step 1 Engage Customers:

  • Action: The AI prompts satisfied customers to leave new reviews.
  • Method: Prompts are sent via email and SMS with a direct link for customers to share their testimonials and Google reviews. Customers can compose their review directly on their phone with AI assistance, and add photos to enhance the review.


Step 2 Share and Amplify:

  • Action: The platform allows the client’s customers to record the testimonial on their phone and share it.
  • Options: After composing the review, customers can add a rating and share options. The platform creates a full landing page with the video testimonial, review, project description, and images, which can be shared across all social networks.

Step 3 Aggregate Reviews:

  • Action: The AI collects reviews from various platforms, primarily Google and Yelp.
  • Purpose: This consolidates feedback and maximizes visibility, reflecting the current customer experience and enhancing trust and credibility.

Granular Explanation:

The AI simplifies the review process by providing prompts and drafting reviews, making it easy for customers to leave feedback. The platform enhances the impact of reviews by creating a comprehensive landing page for each testimonial, which can be shared across social networks to attract new clients. Additionally, the AI regularly aggregates reviews from multiple platforms to ensure up-to-date feedback and maximize visibility.

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