Sky Clean Air

Overview: Sky Clean Air is an air duct cleaning service operating in the competitive market of San Diego.

Challenge: Competing against over 200 similar businesses in the area, Sky Clean Air needed a way to stand out in local search results and attract more customers from a broader geographic area.

Solution: Local Everywhere implemented its GeoPin technology and automated content

creation tools for Sky Clean Air.


● Increased Local Search Presence: Sky Clean Air consistently ranked in the Google 3-

pack and on page one of local search for their primary keywords, even up to 457 miles


● More Leads and Appointments: The expanded visibility led to more inquiries and


● Higher Conversion Rates: The targeted content and enhanced online presence

improved conversion rates.

How It Happened: Technicians at Sky Clean Air took photos and provided details about each

job. The Local Everywhere AI created and GeoPinned content related to these jobs, enhancing their visibility in local searches far beyond their immediate area. This strategy significantly increased their reach and attracted more customers.

Creative Design Build

Overview: Creative Design Build is a remodeling company that offers a range of services in a

competitive market.

Challenge: The company needed to increase its visibility and attract more high-value projects in a saturated market.

Solution: Local Everywhere implemented its comprehensive platform, including GeoPin

technology, AI content creation, and review management.


● Enhanced Online Presence: The company saw a significant boost in their online

visibility, appearing on the first page of local search results for various keywords.

● Increased ROI: Creative Design Build achieved a 500% ROI.

● More High-Value Projects: The improved visibility attracted more high-value projects

and clients.

How It Happened: Using the Local Everywhere platform, Creative Design Build's project

managers took photos and recorded details of each completed job. The AI generated case

studies, GeoPinned them, and posted them across multiple platforms. This consistent and

relevant content boosted their search rankings and attracted more clients.

Wizcrete Concrete Solutions

Overview: Wizcrete Concrete Solutions, a company with 18 years of expertise, specializes in innovative concrete designs and resurfacing technologies.

Challenge: Despite their expertise, they struggled to attract new customers and increase their online presence in the highly competitive concrete resurfacing market.

Solution: Local Everywhere implemented its GeoPin technology and AI-powered content creation tools for Wizcrete.


● Boosted Client Engagement: The platform's AI-generated content and GeoPin technology significantly increased Wizcrete's visibility, attracting more visitors to their website.

● Increased Leads and Appointments: The streamlined client communication and efficient review management led to new leads and appointments.

● High Conversion Rate: Wizcrete achieved a 9.06% conversion rate, which is 10 times the industry standard.

● Enhanced ROI: The implementation of Local Everywhere resulted in a 687% ROI.

How It Happened: Wizcrete's technicians took photos and dictated details about each job,

which the Local Everywhere AI used to create case studies. These were GeoPinned to specific locations, expanding their local search presence and driving more traffic to their website. The AI also managed client communications and review requests, improving customer satisfaction and attracting new clients.

Davis Law Firm

Overview: Davis Law Firm provides legal services in a highly competitive market.

Challenge: The firm needed to improve its online presence to attract more clients and increase their caseload.

Solution: Local Everywhere's GeoPin technology, AI-driven content creation tools, and Ai Customer agent were implemented for the firm.


● Increased Website Traffic: The firm saw a significant increase in website traffic due to

improved local search visibility.

● More Client Inquiries: The enhanced online presence led to more client inquiries and


● Higher Conversion Rates: The targeted content and positive reviews improved

conversion rates and the ai customer agent booked more appointments.

How It Happened: The attorneys at Davis Law Firm recorded details of successful cases and

client interactions. The Local Everywhere AI created case studies and GeoPinned them to

relevant locations. This strategy enhanced their local search presence and attracted more

clients looking for legal services in their area.

360 Builders

Overview: 360 Builders is a construction company offering a variety of building services.

Challenge: The company needed to expand its reach and attract more clients in a competitive market.

Solution: Local Everywhere implemented its platform, focusing on GeoPin technology and

automated content creation.


● Expanded Local Search Presence: The company appeared in local search results for

a wider geographic area, attracting more clients.

● More Project Inquiries: The enhanced visibility led to an increase in project inquiries.

● Higher Project Acquisition Rates: The targeted content and improved online presence

helped secure more projects.

How It Happened: Project managers at 360 Builders documented each completed project with photos and details. The Local Everywhere AI created case studies and GeoPinned them,

enhancing their visibility in local searches. This consistent content generation and strategic

GeoPinning helped them attract more clients and secure more projects.

These examples demonstrate how Local Everywhere's platform, with its GeoPin technology, AI-driven content creation tools, and in built Ai Sales agent can significantly boost a business's visibility, client engagement, and overall growth.

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